What Not to Wear (Version 3.0)

Hey guys,

Another photo:

Plain Jane?

15492078_10157932261255173_3968107582430984382_n Clothes and make up aren’t the only things to look at when modelling. Hair and jewellery are just as important. I’m thinking headband (coloured,patterned, or  one with rhinestones), I’m thinking earrings (chandelier or hoops). For her angular face, she should have done corkscrew curls or backcombed it to add volume. I would have added a belt in leather or material, skinny for a cinched in effect or thick to make a statement. It would have given volume up top which would balance everything out.




Jet-set Worthy

Here are a few examples of stylish European ensembles I stumbled upon…

1921939_10153956211365531_1363331458_n Parisian flavour. En point with the boots and purse. Would have decided on coloured skinnies (like dark grey), not necessarily dark skinny jeans. The jacket could have been champagne coloured or caramel coloured. The hat completes the look, but it should have been black or wine red, to off set her dark hair.

735552_10153127468745531_1286928567_o  Espana Style.

The blue dress and glasses work-however, she could have added some jewellery. A pendant necklace and some hoop earrings. Being busty, she could have balanced the top weight with a longer length dress and a belt to cinch her waist. Add some glamour to the length and she should have a split going up the side to the thigh.



What not to wear (version 2.0)

Hey guys.

So another example of what not to wear. 13442194_10157063535355173_1985018589238154776_n

She’s trying to look European-but she’s just a goth walking around hoping summer will arrive in England.

The jacket is too boxy for her athletic build-it would have added bulk to a woman with less of a shoulder frame. So too with the pants. She should have worn straight jeans or a long dress with a slit down the side.

She should have stuck with a peacoat/trench coat-in red or navy blue. The colour is overwhelming (seriously, all black?). She could have done white and black, with black pants and white peacoat and black scarf.

The sandals don’t work (a pair of Plimsolls in grey or champagne, metallic flats or ankle booties would have worked). Neither does the hair…. a topknot would have. Or a pony tail with a patterened/coloured bandana (black or bright red, to compromise her hair colour).

What’s with the scarf, too? There should be some volume…

And a pair of black oversized shades and a mini chain purse hanging offa shoulder in white or bright red would have pulled the look off.



The Search for a quintessential Euro wardrobe

Once the holidays are over-and prices are waaay down-I’m off to Marshall’s for a new year shopping spree. Wasn’t a fan of the chain before, but seeing as how it’s got a range of articles from various brands on a budget scale, well there’s nothing wrong with that.

I’ve got a few articles in mind-

-a jean jacket (cropped/fitted)  goes well with a dress or top and skirt combo; paired with flats or booties

-long sleeved sheath dress (neutral colours or patterns) goes well with short uggs, calf boots, sandals, flats and sweaters/jackets.

-long tunic shirts ( brightly coloured, patterned) layered over leggings and skinny jeans; paired with heels or uggs

-peplum tank ( coloured, patterened) maybe?

I’m trying to channel a European vibe. Layers, patterns, distinct colours….

I already have a black leather zip up jacket, a 3/4 inch sleeve cream coloured blazer and a shrug (three staples of any European inspired wardrobe). Not to mention infinity scarves-I’ve got a box of them. Different colours, different textures, etc.

I’ve got a pair of ugg knock off boots (grey) on the way, a pair of (dark brown) riding boots, and I’m contemplaining on some spring casual/practical shoes ie. Keds, Plimsoll, or Chuck Taylors. Having bad feet and a like of walking, but a desire to be fashionable, I prefer flat shoes instead of heels.

Those three brands are better then running shoes-my go to foot fashion for the past well, five plus years. It’s the only shoe, besides boots, I’ve ever worn my entire adult life. Sad,  but that’s gonna change in a few weeks or months.

Although, I might break down and buy a pair of 2 inchers for special occassions…

Completing the new year look will be my freshly balayaged hair, some jewellery, and make up.










What not to wear…


Back Country Chic?

This is a shining example of what not to wear. This woman’s wearing it all wrong. If you’re modelling,  the first rule is don’t be DRAB. This is the definition of drab. I mean if you’re gonna model, add some bling or an eye catching wrist bag. Unless you’re going for back country chic….

Another rule is that if you’ve got athletic legs, skinny jeans make them look well, bigger. She should have paired it with a long slit dress.

Then the shoes. Don’t get me started. She should have paired them with Uggs or maybe cowboy boots. Just to complete the back country chic look. Those shoes belong with a red carpet dress, a classic ensemble (think a-line skirt, blouse and tailored jacket) or as part of a glamour shoot. She just looks well, like a wannabe model hick.

What else? Oh yeah. Where’s her make up? Isn’t modeling supposed to involve countless hours in make up? Or maybe it’s just air brushed on at the last minute with a computer. She’s no Doutzen Kroes or Angelina Jolie. Would you agree? Her hair….she should have braided it. Or parted it in the middle and straightened it. It’s too fine to be let down loose as she has it.

Just a fashion opinion from a style mogul.